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[中英双语阅读] 辱母杀人案细节还原:23岁的于欢到底是否有罪?









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Chinese social media have been abuzz over the weekend over a news report where a young man in Liaocheng, Shandong Province was sentenced to life prison for killing a loan shark henchman who thrust his exposed penis at his mother to threaten her into paying a debt.


The public has been vehemently debating whether the punishment was too harsh for the young man and whether his action can be deemed as "justifiable defense."


The case was mired in more controversies after media revealed that local police were called to the scene shortly before the tragedy but stopped short of intervening. It was also revealed that the mother may have been involved in illegal fundraising.


China’s Supreme People’s Procuratorate (SPP) said on Sunday that it has dispatched a work team to Shandong to examine the case.


Liaocheng government also vowed Sunday to conduct a comprehensive investigation over any act of police negligence and loan sharking as well as other organized crimes.


According to Southern Weekly, Yu Huan, 23, was sentenced to life in prison in February after stabbing four henchmen with a fruit knife when he and his mother, Su Yinxia, 48, were cornered and threatened by the thugs in April last year.


Su, who owns a factory that produces brake pads, borrowed 1.35 million yuan (195,964 dollars ) from Wu Xuezhan, a local loan sharker, with a 10 percent monthly interest between 2014 and 2015. Su had paid 1.84 million yuan in cash and gave Wu a property that’s worth around 700,000 yuan but still owes Wu about 170,000 yuan.


According to the report, the thugs, who were sent by Wu to collect the payment on April 14, 2016, called her a whore and beat her son.


The torture dragged on for 11 hours and at some point one of the henchmen, Du Zhihao, thrust his penis at Su, threatening to rape her if she doesn’t pay off her debt.


When the police were called to the scene that night, they were told that it was strictly an economic dispute and the police had no place in it. After warning the thugs not to use violence, the police left. Yu later grabbed a knife and stabbed the four men. Du bled to death in a hospital and the rest were injured.


The Intermediate Court of Liaocheng ruled that the killing was not an act of justifiable defense as Yu and Su’s life were not immediately threatened, given that the henchmen did not use weapons or tools and that they were already warned by the police not to use violence.


Yu’s attorney, Yin Qingli, filed the appeal on February 24. However, Yin told the Global Times that Yu’s family will not sue the police at this moment because the Shandong provincial public security bureau already steps in.


"We already got what we want, which is for the government to reexamine the behavior of police," Yin said.


He also pointed out that the loan shark’s interest rate is way above the government limit, which is 36 percent annually.


Social media backlash


Chinese social media erupted over the weekend over the case that a young man in Liaocheng, Shandong Province was sentenced to life in prison for killing a loan shark henchman who threatened his mother into paying a debt by exposing his penis at her.


Most netizens sympathized with Yu, claiming that although murder is a despicable act, defending one’s mother is both noble and justifiable. Many felt that the punishment was too harsh and that Yu deserves leniency.


The topic quickly became one of the most searched on Sina Weibo, generating millions of clicks. Some legal experts and jurists said that Yu’s behavior should be considered "excessive defense," and that he should have been sentenced to 10 years in jail or less rather than life imprisonment.


However, others defended the juror, claiming the original verdict was based on law, since China has a strict definition of "justifiable defense." The case has driven a wedge between the police and the public. Tens of thousands of netizens posted comments on Liaocheng police’s Weibo account, blaming them for not doing anything to stop the tragedy. Meanwhile, the Weibo account of the Jinan police was widely criticized, after it posted a photo and a message insinuating that the netizens’ criticism of police is like a donkey charging at a bus, which is both silly and futile.



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